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The Information Processing and Algorithms Laboratory (iPAL) is directed by Prof. Vishal Monga. Graduate research in iPAL broadly encompasses signal and image processing theory and applications with a particular focus on capturing practical real-world constraints via convex optimization theory and algorithms. Active areas include: a.) image classification and recognition esp. for medical images, b.) computational imaging and vision, c.) robust signal (time-series) hashing, and d.) radar signal processing. Please click on tabs above for more information about iPAL members and current research.

Key Recent Research Collaborators:

  • Academia: Prof. Trac Tran (Johns Hopkins University).
  • Government Labs: Dr. Muralidhar Rangaswamy (US Air Force Research Laboratory), Dr. Nasser Nasrabadi (US Army Research Laboratory, now West Virginia University)
  • Industry: Dr. Raja Bala (Xerox PARC).

Research Sponsorship

We are thankful to industry as well as federal sponsors for their support: NSF (including the CAREER award), NIH, ONR, AFOSR, ARO, Xerox Corporation, Nokia Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

If you're an industrial lab/group looking to partner with my group, I invite you to contact me via phone/email and be aware of Penn State's flexibility in IP policies to enable greater mutual success.

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Prof. Monga with iPAL student members, October 2016
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