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The Information Processing and Algorithms Laboratory (iPAL) is directed by Prof. Vishal Monga. iPAL conducts research in signal and image processing. The central research theme is to apply convex optimization theory and algorithms to solve problems in multimedia security and mining, computational color and imaging and image classification/recognition with applications in medical imaging and ATR. Please click on tabs above for more information about iPAL members and current research.

Key Recent Research Collaborators:

  • Academia: Prof. Trac Tran (Johns Hopkins University).
  • Government Labs: Dr. Muralidhar Rangaswamy (US Air Force Research Laboratory), Dr. Nasser Nasrabadi (US Army Research Laboratory)
  • Industry: Dr. Raja Bala (Xerox Research Center Webster).

Research Sponsorship

We are thankful to industry as well as federal sponsors for their support (including but not limited to): NSF, ONR, AFOSR, Xerox Corporation, Nokia Corporation, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

If you're an industrial lab/group looking to partner with my group, I invite you to contact me via phone/email and be aware of Penn State's flexibility in IP policies to enable greater mutual success. /
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